Investments Portfolio

Rental Real Estate portfolio income: (Last updated: 1/5/2017)

Passive Income Streams                ANNUAL         MONTHLY           YIELD

Total Rental Income*:                   $ 24,257              $ 2,021                   N/A

IRA #1 Husband:                          $  1,128                      94                   5.18%
IRA #2 Wife:                                $  1,120                      93                   5.17%
HSA Family Portfolio:                   $    321                       27                   4.41%
Taxable Family Portfolio:               $ 3,124                     260                   3.27%
Total Dividend Income:                 $ 5,693                    $474
Total Passive Income:                $ 29,950              $ 2,496             

*Rental real estate income is the net income (free cash flow) after making the monthly
mortgage payments after deducting and setting aside a percentage of the monthly rents for
Repairs, Vacancies and Management fees. 

Equities Portfolio Holdings:
(Last updated: 1/5/2017)
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Keith Park said...

Do you have or plan to have an income producing stock portfolio?

Pay off my rentals said...

Hi, Keith.

Yes. That is the plan AFTER I finish paying off the rental real estate. I did put monies in a ROTH IRA, but ultimately decided against that as I am intent on paying these last properties off and destroying the last vestige of debt.